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Transform Your Outdoor Patio into a Custom Living Space

What To Expect

Los Angeles’ Premier Custom-Built Patio Covers

Town & Country Patios creates custom-built patio covers for homes throughout Los Angeles. With options such as multiple levels, solid covers, combination covers, freestanding covers, and more, our designer and builder can ensure that whatever patio setup you have in mind will be built according to your specifications. Looking for somewhere you can relax on cool winter nights? We can provide patio setups with infrared heaters, space for comfy sofas, and wind-blocking shades so that you can make the most of the Los Angeles nights.

Even if you want a space where you can host in-house movie parties, Town & Country Patios can work with you to build in a television or projector screen with surround sound—all under a weather-proof solid patio cover.

Solid Roof Patio Covers for Shade and Weather-Proofing

Town & Country Patios specializes in solid roof patio covers that ensure you’ll be safe from that Southern California sun and any other weather elements. There’s no better complement to your backyard than a defined space where you can relax away from the sun while your kids play. We can even implement manual or electric shades so that you can control the amount of sun that comes into the space as it moves through the day.

Our experienced contractor has over 40 years of experience with over 1,200 patios built so you can trust the level of craftsmanship you are getting. Town & Country Patios delivers the custom patio cover you’ve been waiting for. Call today to schedule your first design consultation.