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What To Expect

Los Angeles’ Most Trusted Patio Roof Replacement Service

Is your patio roof looking outdated or unstable? Town & Country Patios offers unparalleled patio cover replacement services to revitalize your backyard. We’ll begin by coming out to your property for a comprehensive consultation to evaluate what your patio cover needs are and discuss what you’d like to see done. If your patio cover is old or outdated, we’ll prepare some customized solutions based on our consultation for your approval. We’ll then work to remove and replace your old patio cover with a custom-built design of your choosing within a guaranteed timeframe that works for you. Town & Country Patios has over 40 years of experience with custom patio covers and replacements—meaning our standards exceed expectations.

Town & Country Patios Guarantees:

  • Personalized Attention
  • Licensed Professional
  • Aluminum Replacements
  • Custom Designs
  • Clean & Safe Work Area
  • Industry-Leading Standards
  • High-Quality Results
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Patio Awning Replacement Covers You Can Rely On

Patio covers are left to the elements and nature—leaving them susceptible to termite infestations and unforgiving weather. This is where Town & Country Patios can provide patio awning replacement covers that supply a permanent solution to any problems you’re facing with your patio. Our in-depth consultation will take into account the current status of your patio cover, plus your personal style and design goals with your backyard. Our licensed general contractor—who has provided over 1,200 homes with custom-built patio cover solutions—will personally perform all of the work in removing and replacing the cover.

Whether you want something simple that encapsulates the modern finesse of your home or something extravagant that will impress your neighbors and friends, Town & Country Patios can build it. Get in touch with us today so you don’t have to wait any longer to show off your revitalized backyard.