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Los Angeles’ First Choice for Custom Patios

Town & Country Patios has been deemed Los Angeles’ first choice for custom patios since clients receive a level of care and superior results they can’t find with any other contractor. We give personalized attention to your project from start to finish—meaning you will know exactly who is working on your patio cover from start to finish. We only handle one project at a time, so your custom patio cover will be finished within our given time frame—guaranteed.

With over 40 years of experience and 19 of those years dedicated exclusively to aluminum construction, you can rest assured that your patio will become a daily retreat you can enjoy all year long for years to come. Check out our gallery and get started designing a patio cover that will highlight your backyard space perfectly.

Covered Patio Construction That Won’t Ruin Your Yard

Besides the other amazing guarantees that Town & Country Patios offers, you can also trust us to provide covered patio construction without all of the mess. Town & Country maintains a clean and safe work area, so there is never a hazardous construction zone your family will have to navigate through. Anyone who has experienced the hassle of construction before knows that this is a unique and stress-relieving guarantee. Other contractors often hire unlicensed and unskilled day laborers who are there only to assemble without any larger knowledge of the project.

This strategy doesn’t allow for complete transparency and open communication to answer any of your questions. And more often than not, they leave your yard in disarray at the end of the work day. Town & Country Patios is dedicated to taking the stress out of your custom patio cover construction while also providing the highest level of service and professionalism. Get in touch with us to schedule an initial consultation today.