Do it yourself kits

     There are many outlets for aluminum patio cover materials to be found on the internet. With that in mind I'd like to provide some insight as to how they typically operate. Many claim to be the manufacturer of the products yet they are nothing more than a dealer. Furthermore they specify only certain stock dimensions for kits. Most are not general contractors engaged in the business of building patio covers and hence have no qualifications to guide you through the process of exploring your options and supplying the appropriate components. Lastly they use common carrier trucking companies to ship your kit. I tried this method of shipping several times and found that the materials were always damaged and delivery was inconvenient for the homeowner. As a result, I personally deliver all materials at your convenience and only to southern California.

    For those homeowners who prefer to build their own patio covers, I will supply all of the materials and instruction necessary to ensure that the experience is positive and the results are satisfying. I supply genuine Alumawood to all of southern California and personally deliver every component. I also include detailed engineering and on-site training in the layout and assembly of all materials. This will  insure that you know the tricks of the trade and avoid problems during your build.

    Should you desire to build your own cover, I will visit your home, measure and  review the conditions and construction of your home and develop a component parts list. I will also make suggestions regarding the numerous methods of installation and design. Once we've finalized your design, I will order all materials and personally deliver them.


                                                                                                   Mark W. Deters


                                                                                                   General Contractor  #785164

                                                                                                   Swimming Pool  Contractor