What you can expect from Town & Country Patios:

Personalized attention to your project from start to finish. I am the only person you will deal with. There is no confusion or translation, no need to track down a contact person from a list. When you call Town & Country Patios, I answer.

2.  I handle one project at a time, with no concurrent jobs to divide my time and prolong your wait.

3.  I've personally built over 950 patio covers with the last 14 years devoted exclusively to Alumawood construction. This experience allows me to create a retreat that compliments your home and personal taste.

4.  Security in knowing that there will be no unlicensed, unskilled or possibly undocumented day laborers practicing on your home.

  A clean safe work area. I clean up as I work so there is no mountain of trash in your yard waiting for completion of the job for clean-up. Any tools not in use are put away. Great care is taken not to disturb your landscape. 

6.  The industry's highest standards of practice and professionalism. Construction and quality will meet or exceed manufacturer's engineering requirements.



What you can expect from other builders:


1.  No personalized attention. You will typically have to deal with several people who are handling other projects in addition to yours. Good luck getting answers to your questions.


2.  Multiple projects under construction at one time. It's not uncommon to have different crews work on the same projects on different days. This leads to confusion and misunderstanding.


3.  Actual construction performed by unlicensed, unskilled or possibly undocumented day laborers. I have met installers from other builders whose training consisted of building a grand total of 1 patio cover. One installer was only 17 years old. When you hire a general contractor, they should perform the work. No exceptions.


4.  Most installers are unsupervised, with free access to your property. Do you really want complete strangers on your property? If there is theft, damage or destruction of your property, how easily can you track down a day laborer?


5.  Most installers will trash your yard and wait until the job is done to clean up. Little, if any regard is given to protecting your landscape.

6.  No standards at all. Most installers have no idea how to use the manufacturer's engineering. They slap your cover together as fast as possible. Forget quality, this is not a career for them and they have no vested interest in your satisfaction. Sound grim? It is.