Available options include:

     Steel reinforced structures (where minimal numbers of posts are required), multiple colors, multiple levels, varied projections, round columns, square columns, pilasters and seating benches with natural river rock finishes, stone veneers or stucco. Ceiling fans, infrared heaters, lighting, t.v's, sound systems, shades (manual & electric.)

     One of the most significant differences between Town & Country Patios and the competition is the extent to which you can customize your patio cover. My experience and skill set allow me to build structures that other builders say are "impossible" or " that can't be built". When you employ day laborers this is the case.

    The competition has to limit your options based on the simple skills of their "installers". Rather than say they are not capable of designing and building a complicated structure they will argue that "it just can't be built". Consider the simple single level plain covers they present to you, basic covers are all they can assemble.